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About Dr Sachin Arora


Dr Sachin Arora has a clinical experience of treating more than 10,000 patients over a period of 20 years. He is presently attached with Holy Family Hospital and the clinic is operational in evening hours from 5 pm to 8.30 pm. He has a vast experience of working at hospital set-ups and managing different kind of cases from simple to complicated root canals to pre cancerous lesions. He is known as “Tooth Saviour” by his patients as he believes in saving the natural tooth as much as possible in all cases. He is a certified Implantologist and uses the latest and rightful technology for all procedures. Maintaining quality is the most important aspect while giving crowns, dentures and all accessories in his practice. His book Defeat Dental Problems has been a bestseller in English language and was also translated in Spanish and Russian language. 

Literary contributions:

  1. Defeat Dental Problems: a book written on all the common dental problems, their different aspects from cause, symptoms, treatment required and prevention etc. The book has been a best seller and was also translated into 2 languages that is Russian and Spanish.
  2. Articles in health magazine: Homeobuzz: June 2010 issue: pregnancy and dental care.
  3. Homoebuzz: December 2010 issue
  4. The Homeopathic Heritage


Dr Sachin Arora has worked for many years with an NGO and worked for early detection of Oral cancer at various health camps and also in far-fetched areas of society like Widow Ashrams at Banaras and acid burn victims. Dr Sachin has been associated with different kind of activities actively and was part of Health Camps at following places:

  • Camps for Dental Heath and Oral cancer detection ,he has been a dental consultants to more than 20 camps organized by Delhi Breast care foundation for detection of oral cancers.
  • At an NGO working for women who have been outcasted by the society.
  • At Vrindawan:  As a Dental Consultant for widows at Vrindawan living in poor conditions and with poor dental health who still are under the tradition of not being remarried and have to live a destitute life.
  • At a Ashram in kaimganj…500 Km away from delhi , near azamgarh.

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