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Thank you
For all the times when you helped me when I was in pain
For all the times you made me laugh with your jokes so lame

For all the times you lend your ears
For the times when you were always there

For taking care of me when I was sore
Hammering me… hammering some more

For being a super doctor and a wonderful friend
Doctor’s day is just an excuse for best of wishes and love I want to send.
You are awesomeness redefined !

I might not call you often, but your well being is always on my mind

Happy Doctor’s Day
Hope to see you soon …..

Sonali Mulay

Dr. Sachin is one of the kindest professionals I’ve ever met, he listens, asks the right questions, takes his time and is honest. Brilliantly handled my dental situation. Got my dazzling smile back !! 🙂

Subrata Dutta

I have been visiting Dr. Arora for dental treatment for long and his treatment is always very good. Very much reliable. I am satisfied.

Vandana Khosla

I have been consulting Dr.Sachin for the past 7 years & there's never been 1 instance where I've had an unsatisfactory experience. It's not only me but he's treated my immediate & extended family as well for that many years or maybe longer & they all have the same opinion. He's very courteous, extremely methodical & knows what he is doing rather well. Always available on calls/messages. He's a very comfortable person & makes one very comfortable also...which is an essential pre-requisite for any doctor for me. The clinic is very neat, clean & hygienic and his staff is very helpful. All in all an A grade experience.

neelam sharma

Dr Sachin Arora is truly amazing doctor/person. He is knowledgeable & experienced Dentist. I m fully satisfied with my "Dental Implant" treatment. For any dental problem in my family, we always visit their clinic. He is so fast n good his work. His devotion & care, brings healing comfort n hope. It's hard to find & impossible to forget Clinic is very hygiene, neat and clean, staff is very cooperative n humble. Stay blessed.

Seema Lakhtakia

Good experience, the Doctor and the staff are attentive and approprite treatment eas given.

Sapna Dudeja

Dr. Sachin is helpful, friendly, accessible and excellent at his job, all at the same time! He is reliable and kind, gives the right advise, keeping the patient's interest at the centre. His diagnosis and prescription is perfect. You couldn't ask for more in your dentist 🙂

pardeep sharma

A very well experienced and expert doctor. I got my RCT done and I am so glad that my experience with you was beyond excellent. A very humble and soft spoken doctor who is available for any queries all the time. I must say you have a very well organised clinic and team to handle your patients.


We met Dr. Sachin many times. He is a dedicated Dentist and his treatment has been very satisfactory. Atmosphere in his clinic is excellent.

hima wazir

I recently consulted Dr. Sachin for wisdom tooth extraction and had a very satisfying experience with the whole process (consultation and procedure).. Everything went smooth and the whole ambience was stress-free, which is very encouraging for someone who comes in a little apprehensive. The doctor is pretty cool to talk to and is very approachable. I believe, for a patient, it's not just about the treatment, but more about the overall experience one leaves with that matters the most. This place has met both the criteria for me.

raunak khosla

Dr Sachin Arora is truly an amazing dentist. Recently got done my Wisdom tooth extraction, his diagnosis and treatment is super effective. His patience and politeness makes the patient feel more comfortable.

Ajay Ekka

I had severe gum problem for many years and visited many dentist but did not get any relief, after getting treated by Dr Sachin I am much better. He explained me the problems and told me how to maintain. He is a great listener and puts me at ease.

Anil Mehta

I have been visiting Dr Sachin Arora since he started his clinic many years back. I have never ever thought of changing my dentist since then. Dr Sachin is very calm, cool and listens to me thoroughly, and is always able to diagnose the root cause of the problem. His treatment standards are very high and at same time his charges are very economic. The treatment for root canal etc is done with minimum of pain. His clinic is very hygienic neat and clean. Visiting Dr Sachin Arora’s clinic is like you are visiting a good friend.

Arvind Goswami

Got my rct and crowns and wisdom tooth impaction done by Dr Sachin Arora. It was done professionally and pain free. He takes care of sanitization and sterilization too.

arti goyal

Dr. Sachin did my root canal treatment and it was simply a painless experience that too in covid times. He was really a saviour. His advises are very useful and he never unnecessary put you on medications. Thanks to him.

Shyam Wadhera

Dr Sachin Arora provides high quality dental care with a personal touch. I’m sure his other patients also have experiences which also support this view.


"Dr Sachin Arora provides high quality dental care.Had a great experience,fully satisfied with my treatment.

Ali Sheikh

Dr Sachin is a very nice and experienced doctor. I had my wisdom tooth extraction done here which was done very professionally since I had a bad experience earlier with one of the dentist. My treatment is going fine and am feeling lot better now.

Learning with Naba

Have a very satisfying experience, during my treatment in past two years and way back from year 2014. Already have three root canal procedure, all are working fine till now. Dr. Sachin is an experienced dentist in all aspect of dental treatment. One can see him for general and critical dental illness and hoping to get best treatment. Munazir, Jamia Nagar

Vipul Chordia

Dr Sachin Arora is one of the finest doc I have come across. I got my RCT treatment done & had a wonderful experience with his services. A truly experienced professional, fully dedicated to his work and patients. With calm and polite nature, he listens and understands his patient’s problem thoroughly. Will never put on unnecessary medications/treatment. Thanks and wish him all the best!

Mohd Bilal

Dr. Sachin is a very experienced dentist. I had very severe pain in my teeth, the cause of which other dentists were not able to identify. Dr. Sachin was able to diagnose it correctly and the treatment was also painless

Sanjay Kapla

Very knowledgeable doctor. He treat his patients very well. I always refer his name in case someone approaches me for dental treatment. He is very trustworthy doctor.

Sangeeta Chaudhuri

Dr Sachin Arora is a Qualified & Skillful Dentist !! As a Patient , I have been visiting him for over a Decade & have gained immense benefit from his treatment . Normally Physicans in today's day & time are too Professional in their Approach , however , Dr.Arora is very Compassionate , Humane, Caring & Gentle. The way he comforts his patients is an Example in itself!! His Professional Charges are very affodable despite the onging Pandemic & Lockdown . While most of his fellow Doctors have incremented their Professional Remunarations Dr.Sachin has not increased his own which speaks volumes about him as an Indivodual & his upbringing !! Overall , he is a through gentleman !!

Poonam Anand

Dr. Sachin Arora is a very good dentist and amazing person. He made the patient comfortable and understood the process in simple language. For any of my dental problems, I always visit him .... Sometimes it is hard to get an appointment but I prefer to wait .... trust his professionalism


Very humble and soft spoken practitioner Dr. Sachin. Thoroughly professionally and hygenic. Following Covid-19 protocols to the letter. The fact that he goes easy on your pocket is just a side benefit.

Vaibhav Duttt

Dr Sachin Arora is gifted in his craft. He is a thorough professional who walks you through each step of the treatment and communicates with you about the procedures. I had a bridge problem and he got it all right in one go with a perfect fit. Highly recommended. His clinic is absolutely clean and safe for a visit during these COVID time

Ravi Dudeja

Excellent doctor and the fees is also reasonable

Kim Thangjom

Dr. Sachin is by far the most professional and gentle dentist I ever met. I had severe toothache due to infection as well root canal treatment to be done. I was very apprehensive, but everything was done so well & smoothly. No pain & fast healing process as he promised. Would highly recommend Dr. Sachin and his team 👍

vidhi sobti

Best experience of getting my tooth treatment done. Place is very hygienic, neat and clean. Dr. Sachin gives personal attention to the details and ensures the patient is satisfied. Someone to vouch on for tooth related matters. Cant thank him enough for the treating me with utmost patience and care. Best wishes for future endeavours to Dr.Sachin and his wonderful team.

Indu Chauhan

Positive experience with wisdom teeth extraction. Dr. Sachin was awesome. He is so fast and good in his work. If you ever had a bad dental experience in the past no worries. Dr. Sachin will restore your faith in dentists. Highly recommended.

Sanju Dhir

Been visiting Dr Sachin's clinic for many years and it is always a pleasant dental experience with his clinic! Really grateful to have Dr Sachin, a knowledgable and experienced dentist, to be my dentist! 👍🏻